Acquiring and installing SAS

Depending on the SAS version and operating system, the SAS system may be obtained from either or from Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University

SAS is provided for Windows and Linux only.

SAS on Mac OS X

There is no generic SAS for MAC OS X. However, we have reports that it should be possible to run SAS using Windows emulation on MAC.

Another option is to use virtualisation in order to host a completely different operating system on top of an Intel Mac. Both Linux and Windows runs smoohly in the virtual environment on an Intel Mac. For virtualization, you may use VMware or VirtualBox.

A solution using freely available VirtualBox and the Linux variant Lubuntu is provided by MATH-AU.

Download via the Internet

The SAS system is obtained from either or from Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University depending on the SAS version and operating system.

Note that the download interface at MATH-AU may also include windows versions provided by

You will need to download one or more packed files, that will need to be unpacked and installed. The recent versions for Windows include a build in unpacking program, so the unpacking process is as simple as double clicking an .exe file.

During the installation process it is vital that you follow the installation guide to the letter. If the guide ask you to create a specifically named folder at a specific location on your Windows PC, then please do so.

Some of the SAS installation programmes are very sensitive about their location, others may not appreciate spaces or special characters in folder names. So following the installation guide and placing files at the location dictated by the guide help maintaining a better installation success rate.

Download links and links to the installation guides are found in the following subpages:


StatLab is a part of the statistical modelling course each Spring. As a part of these sessions, students can receive installation help, and is able to transfer a suitable SAS installation from a USB instead of downloading the files via the Internet (dozens of users simultaniously downloading SAS over wireless in the same room, is generally not a good idea).

Comment on downloading over the net

If possible, bring your computer to the university and connect it to the cabled network. The cabled network at the university network has a large bandwith, thus the downloads take less time.

Just attach your computer to an active network outlet, and start downloading.

General comment

  • SAS 9.3 and SAS 9.4 for Windows are all divided into two files. You need both files!

  • Note that the 32bit versions of SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.3 for Windows does not run on Windows 64bit. Install the 64bit version instead.

  • If indicated, an active licence is included in the downloaded installation media file. If the licence is not provided in the media file, the licence file must be downloaded prior to installation.

  • The installation of SAS 9.2 on Windows may cause the following error message: This application does not support your platform. The solution may be to install SAS 9.1.3 instead.

  • If SAS 9.4 does not install on Windows

    1. try to install SAS 9.3; and if SAS 9.3 does not install,

    2. try to install SAS 9.2.

    3. Finally — If SAS 9.2 does not install, reinstall Windows and try again.

  • Note: All problems concerning your auAUID or WAYF UserID or -password, should always be directed to the STIT helpdesk